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Les Représentants de Wiki sont assignés à des wikis spécifiques. Ils aident à soutenir votre communauté et sont là pour l'aider à grandir et prospérer, comme ils servent de liaison directe à un Staff de Fandom à plein-temps.

Chaque équipe des Représentants de Wiki est dirigé par un Chef d'équipe, membre du staff de Fandom.



Avatar - Bola staff.jpg Antonio
User:Antonio R. Castro

Antonio R. (Antonio R. Castro) started editing wikis in Wikipedia and then started working on the Spanish Grand Theft Encyclopedia as bureaucrat. He had already been working for Fandom for 3 years as a Spanish community helper and then he became a Fandom contractor in 2011. He loves wikis about video games and entertainment, and he's passionately in love with managing communities - including wiki-dramas!


MannedTooth.png MannedTooth
MannedTooth was born with a SNES controller in his hands. He first started editing on Bulbapedia then moved to Zelda Wiki when he received a bundle of guidebooks as a present from his girlfriend. He has joined its staff and has been editing over there since. One thing led to another and he was recruited as part of the Wiki Managers of Gamepedia in late 2018, effectively managing dozens of different wikis.

Mr Pie 5.png Mr Pie 5
User:Mr Pie 5
Mr Pie 5 was just fixing a few things on the ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki back in 2015 and somehow ended up here. He is an expert in using AbuseFilter and is the leader of GRASP, helping them out when he's not managing his own wikis. He loves video games and is working on creating one of his own.

Sonikku.png Kurt
I go by Kurt!I help out with researching and providing content for others to edit and add onto with their own knowledge.I'm a huge figurine and manga collector. I enjoy making my own cosplays and attending conventions. I also write from time to time. I've been an avid fan of Attack on Titan since 2013, it was the catalyst of my downfall to anime. Besides Attack on Titan, I obsess over My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer, One Punch Man and a lot more. I'm always excited to meet new people with similar interests, as well!Feel free to message me on any platform that I'm available on. I'm most active on Twitter, Instagram, and Discord. All my handles have "Oishii" in it.

RheingoldRiver.jpg River
River is the esports wiki manager on Gamepedia, with a primary focus on Leaguepedia. She's been a League of Legends esports fan since 2011 and editing wikis since 2014. She enjoys talking about structured data organizational paradigms in MediaWiki, why SublimeText is awesome, and cats. If you don't understand her chat abbreviations, just ask.

SlyCooperFan1.jpg SlyCooperFan1
Despite his username, SlyCooperFan1 started editing on Fandom in 2010 on the Ace Combat wiki, where he has been an admin since 2013. Sly has also been a member of Community Council since 2016. Sly is a massive fan of gaming, particularly on PlayStation, and is looking forward to helping out wherever he can on Fandom's gaming wikis!

Surafbrov.png Suraf
Suraf, also known as Crimroxs, started out as a Wowpedian since 2012 and has been a wiki manager for Gamepedia since late 2018. Particularly a fan of real-time strategy games such as Command & Conquer and Warcraft III.

UPI Tagaziel.jpg Tagaziel
Tagaziel made his first wiki edit in 2006 and was hooked ever since. What started as a hobby focusing on the Fallout Wiki blossomed into something far bigger, especially since he joined Curse's Gamepedia team all the way back in 2014, specializing in describing things with far too many words in too much detail. If you want him to talk your ear off, ask about lore (or its real world equivalent, history).


The Entertainment Wiki Team covers Movies and TV communities as well as top communities that don't fall into a standing vertical (books, music, etc).


MandyStaffImage.jpg Mandy

Mandy joined Fandom in 2015 and has been hooked ever since. She started out as an admin on several wikis before making the jump to Wiki Manager and now Sr. Community Manager. She has a major addiction to TV, horror movies, and tattoos, and when not on Fandom, you can probably find her geeking out at horror conventions or at a coffee shop making fan art.


Spongebob456.jpg Chris
Chris has been on Fandom since 2011 and became an admin on Encyclopedia SpongeBobia in 2012. Since then, he has become a bureaucrat on ESB, joined the Community Council and helped out on Community Central as a Chat Moderator. He loves SpongeBob and Star Wars and his favourite sport is snooker!

KylaraE.png Kylara
Kylara has been editing wikis, both on and off Wikia/Fandom, since 2009. She landed on Death Note Wiki in 2013 where she got deeply involved and learned a lot. She edits wherever her interests take her, later getting more involved in movies/TV wikis, becoming an admin of Terminator Wiki, and joining the Wiki Managers team in 2019. She'll always be a little sad that her first Memory Alpha page is assigned to an IP address.

Lostris.png Lostris
User:Lady Lostris
Lostris began her editing career in 2011 on the Avatar Wiki, where she became content obsessive and can still always be found. A member of the now-defunct Wikia Stars since 2013, she joined the Community Council in August 2013, the VSTF in November 2014 and became a Movies/TV Wiki Manager in March 2020. And then they say TV isn't good for you. Labeling animated series as her guilty please, she openly declares her love for animated Disney movies though admits to loving pretty much everything that has a good plot, good acting, and preferably a ton of amazing one-liners.



Elsa-i18n.jpg Elsa

Elsa (Hypsoline) is Community Manager on the Community Experience team.

She's an avid series consumer and particularly enjoys anything related to Science Fiction, having been raised with X-Files and Star Wars.

She also likes going to concerts during her free time.

Trino.png Tots

Tots started his career working for game communities as a Game Master for MMORPGs. After working 10 years in game development he joined Fandom to help serve the Fandom/Gamepedia communities. He loves podcasting, table top games, and any MMO he can sink a few hundred hours in!


Moviesign.jpg Moviesign (Dave)
Dave has been a wiki editor since 2011 and is now a bureaucrat for the Forgotten Realms Wiki. Once he discovered templates, he was hooked. He has degrees in electrical engineering and physics and only plays at computer science, but found joy in the "anyone can edit" aspect of wikis. He is well versed in templates and wikitext, has designed many portable infoboxes, can style with CSS, has wrestled DPL into some wonderful shapes, is good with Auto Wiki Browser (AWB), has recently dabbled in Lua modules (ask him about the phase of the moon), and can get by with relatively simple JavaScript.

SilverFlight.jpg Julia
Julia has been active on Wikia and Fandom since 2012, making her first mark on the Disney Wiki as a novice editor before eventually climbing the ranks to admin and bureaucrat. She was a member of the defunct Wikia Stars program. In 2016, she became a member of the Community Council, and in 2019, a Wiki Manager for Fandom. She is an artist when it comes to designing, especially through CSS, and has a strong passion for cartoons and gothic art.

ReverieCode.jpg Lucas
Lucas started editing wikis upon discovering the Grand Theft Encyclopedia in 2007 and passed through multiple communities since then. He adores catching up on way too many television shows and writing fiction.

TimeShade.jpg Marcus
Marcus joined Fandom in 2013, when it was still branded as Wikia. He first edited on the Arrowverse Wiki in May 2013 and became an admin in 2014. He was a member of the defunct Wikia Stars program and currently is also a member of the Community Council. He also founded Preacher Wiki and was an admin of Gotham Wiki during its first season. Living in Vancouver, you'll probably just hear him talk about all the great hikes BC has to offer.

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